The leading of God for our lives is moment by moment. Not far into the future. When Jesus called the disciples he did not give them a blueprint for tomorrow. He said, ‘Follow me’ with the understanding he meant ‘now’.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Give us today our daily bread. Don’t think too far ahead. It brings fear and less trust in the Father for what we need today. The Israelites learned that, in the wilderness, as they sought for more manna than God wanted to provide. Not a good scene.

If we think too far ahead it may be that we substitute our own plans for God’s divine guidance. Sometimes we can even plan God out of the picture. What we need is GRACE FOR THE MOMENT, the discipline of saying to God, ‘What now my Lord?’ Shall I turn left or right or keep going? And then let’s not be afraid of make that spiritually motivated impulsive choice. If there be any miscalculation, God will show us- Moment by moment.

blessings for this day.