We Are Winning

Paul writes in Romans 8:37 that in the midst of the greatest trials, afflictions and even death we are more than conquerors, we have the victory through Christ who loves us.  Let’s take a look at that thought for a moment for it has much to do with our lives in God’s Kingdom in the here and now.  This thought goes along with the words of Jesus in John 16:33 that in the world we are going to have tribulation but we don’t have to be afraid because Jesus has overcome the world.
For the early Christian community words like conqueror or victory belonged in the sphere of Roman occupation that oppressed the early Christian community sorely. So how were the new christians to become victorious?
When Jesus came into humanity he established the beachhead as it were for the Kingdom of God. He was by his person the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven to use the other Biblical expression founds mostly in the Gospel of Matthew. Those who followed him were privileged to enter this Kingdom.  Early christians knew something of the meaning of a kingdom.  Kingdoms came and went in those days.
The Kingdom of God thought by some to reside in the heavens had come to earth in Jesus.  He invited people to place their confidence in him and believe that God was with them, that God was initiating what would be the eventual renewal of the face of the earth.  God was having the victory against all attempts of evil to thwart his love and plan for humanity.  Paul put it in words like this, God was working everything towards a glorious purpose for those who had the eyes to see and will to trust.
And so no matter what is in store for us on this planet, the Kingdom of God supersedes it all.  Our relationship with God through Jesus Christ brings within this kingdom and within our selves a sense and satisfaction of ‘winning’ even when it looks like we are losing. The weak are actually strong in the Kingdom and the poor rich and the dead are alive.  This was established at the coming of Christ, throughout his life and finalized by his death on the cross which looked like defeat but proved the greatest victory through the resurrection.
So if today you are facing enormous obstacles, adversities and even death, say with the Apostle,
‘We are more than conquerors through him who loves us.’

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