Saved? Yes, and not Yet.

So I am thinking of an analogy to help with the idea of salvation and discipleship. Here it is. You have been arrested in a foreign country and deposited down a deep dry well to wait our you days. There is no escape, no way for you to claw or climb your way to the top of the well. And so you wait and pray that someone will come along and rescue you. Oh, some passerby sees you but leaves as others too come and regard your plight for in this foreign land there is no willingness to help this stranger, you.
Suddenly someone appears at the well  and calls down to find out if you are alive and ready to come out. You breathe a sigh and a thank you and soon you are on your way up the side of the well and over the top and safe in the arms of this stranger. Saved. Saved? Not quite. You are still in a foreign land. The rescue is a major step to freedom but not the last one. The stranger tells you to follow him, do what he says, place your confidence in him for the rest of the journey. One day at a time. ‘Every day’ he says, ‘there are new plans for reaching a place called home, but there is no need to know them until the day presents itself.’ Are you ready for this journey?
What does the analogy mean? Oh, I am sure you have guessed it by now. Being saved is a lot more than having your sins forgiven, being rescued from darkness. It is a life long journey with Jesus as the Master teacher. He was sent by God to not only rescue you and me but to lead us, guide us through the darkness of strange foreign territories to a land promised to all who will follow. The rescue is just the beginning.
There’s tomorrow and tomorrow and the next day and well, you get it. As each day unfolds there is a new opportunity, some would call challenge, to follow the Master. We are not ‘home’ yet but we are on the way and all the while, well, home has been implanted in us so we are never without hope.
So keep on keeping on, as they say.

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