Under Cover of Night

There just might be something to this Jesus. That’s what one man thought. He was an intellectual and a leader in his community. He had morals and standards but there was something about this Jesus. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but being a wise man he decided to investigate. Investigate is what smart people do. They don’t just dismiss out of hand evidence for the truth. They seek to understand for themselves.

That’s why I am not troubled by people who are unsure about Jesus. ‘Unsure’ leads to investigation. Questions like, ‘Is there a God?’ ‘Am I alone in this universe?’ “Is there a larger purpose than I am seeing?’

One cannot help but be cynical with regards to the religious establishments, their history and all. But the lives that Jesus has touched deeply matter to anyone with any sense. It’s why Nicodemus went to see Jesus, albeit at night when it was safer and his friends wouldn’t necessarily know. But he went and that’s what’s important. I know folks who in the nighttime of life seek God in some way, wanting to know a reality that is greater than what is in front of their noses. (see John 3)

Thank God for the nighttime when it is a tad safer to ask the questions of Jesus. ‘Are you for real?’ Or how about the person who quietly asks God for help but is not necessarily at that point a follower. That’s all good because if you read about Nicodemus you will discover that although he came under cover of night, eventually he became a disciple.

You may know folks who don’t ‘seem’ like they are believers but you never know how God is working in their lives. And some of them who come to faith will make stronger, deeper followers than some of us because they have tested for the truth and found that truth in Jesus. And nothing hidden remains hidden. It will always come to the light.

And by the way, it might be good for some ‘loud’ Christians to spend some time in the quiet night discovering who Jesus is for real.


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