A clinician is a doctor whose practice focuses on observation of the patient to provide a diagnosis. A good clinician knows the ins and outs of the body’s system and can detect through their knowledge,  listening skills and observations what the problem might be. I have a doctor who is magnificent at observational diagnosis. I am always amazed at his knowledge, understanding and remedial suggestions.
Jesus was a physician by his own admission. He was the kind of physician who not only diagnosed but provided the remedy for the illnesses of body and soul. And so when he came across a man born blind from birth (John 9) he was not particularly interested in the causes for this blindness as the curious disciples were. They wondered what sin might have caused this? Something from the man’s life or the parents’ lives but Jesus disregarded their question and went to the heart of the matter that in the process of healing this man the presence of God would be evident.
Certainly in modern time doctors look for causes to illness and there were times when Jesus himself knew a particular cause as in the case of demons. But as common Christians our responsibility is to move in at God’s direction and offer the help of prayer and compassionate ministry believing in the power of God to heal and  believing that Christ is still present to heal and forgive.
Let not our curiosity get the better of us. Let love move us to help.

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