Anxiety about Anxiety

Jesus said that we should not be anxious. He added that it had to do with food, clothing and long life. But he didn’t leave us with simply that command. He went on to talk about how God cares for the creation and certainly cares about us even more.

I am of the mind that his caution against anxiety was because things like fear and anxiety can keep us from following him into the experiences of life where we are needed and find the most meaning. And to the extent that fear and anxiety keep pulling us back, turning away from his call, well, it seems fitting he would keep teaching us as he did his disciples in those first years that we can place our confidence in him and keep going.

That doesn’t mean we won’t feel anxious or even dread at certain things in our lives because anxiety is a sign that we are alive and not just resigned to some kind of fate, even the fate of being guided by God.

So in this real world of our the best way to address anxiety is to admit it and keep listening to Jesus and others’ assurance of God’s care for our lives so that we can move ahead.

I have a son who this very day is having surgery. Is he anxious? You bet. Is he going through with the surgery? You bet. Because the doctors and friends and family have all told him it is going to be ok.

I have a good friend and if I tell him I am anxious about something he will tell me he understands and that he knows that within me is the great desire to follow my Lord wherever he calls me. (Hopefully) That friend encourages me and lessens my anxiety.

Let’s just saying that anxiety is the uncertainty about living in freedom. Freedom is good and sometimes it’s scary. The Israelites were given freedom to leave Egypt but with that freedom and all the miracles accompanying it they were scared to death and often just wanted to go back to Egypt where in bondage they felt safe. We cannot live in bondage anymore, not if we are going with Jesus. So let’s keep our eyes on the pioneer of our faith, the one who went through hell for us. Let’s just stay with him and do what he asks of us. He put us together and he knows how this body soul and mind works best. The Kingdom is now.

And just this morning I read this from Hebrews. Check this out:

12: For you have not come to something that can be touched, to a burning fire and darkness and gloom and a whirlwind 19 and the blast of a trumpet and a voice uttering words such that those who heard begged to hear no more. 20 For they could not bear what was commanded: “If even an animal touches the mountainit must be stoned.”21 In fact, the scene was so terrifying that Moses said, “I shudder with fear.”

22 But you have come to Mount Zion, the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to myriads of angels, to the assembly 23 and congregation of the firstborn, who are enrolled in heaven, and to God, the judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous, who have been made perfect, 24 and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks of something better than Abel’s does. (NET Bible)

Now when I read a passage such as that I think, ‘wow, am I in good company or what.’ So then let’s keep on keepin’ on. Jesus will be with us always.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety about Anxiety

  1. Re: Anxiety about Anxiety

    True That my Brother….
    I was blessed to have spent many years with our church pastor who was a true deciple. His sermons and small group teachings and percceverence of the gospel enabled me to be born again, grow, become lost “in the desert”, and found again. To the glory of our Father, Blood of the Son and his gift of the Holy Spirit.

    I clearly recall him teaching us that satan is “Not Scary”. But he is a sneaking planter of evil seed, and surely never misses an opportunity to prey on any and all of our earthly frailty and human weaknesses. Both in body and mind. (C.S.Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters”)

    Anxiety, worry, fear, anger (and many more) are surely powerful feelings that we all experience. And I agree that all such emotions are easily and always used by satanism to turn our focus Inward toward ourselves and away from the Cross.

    It takes continued discipline and practice to for myself to be reminded of this trap. This is why we must continually read the Bible. If I “forget” to read I try to listen (lots of good sermons and scripture on line now). In case I don’t do either I make sure I keep a Bible sitting out so I can just see it when I walk into the house. One in my truck too. This way, when I see it I am reminded at the very least to stop and say a prayer, thank God, repent…… I am forgiven!

    Then we do it all over again. A lifetime of work to be done to walk the straight path. To keep our eyes and hearts and mind on the true Prize. To fight the good fight.

    And let’s not forget that the Holy Spirit has something to say about anxiety. Phillipians 4:5-7.
    “…… The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything instead, in every situation, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God. And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

    Peace and Grace….. The Apprentice


  2. gEorge, you always have good things to say and give me food for thought. I am trying to listen to what the Lord is telling me, even through other people, such as yourself. Thanks for being so faithful and for sharing that itch all of us. Love jean

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