It’s easy to be graceful when you are secure. But it’s harder to be graceful when there is a risk involved like receiving Syrian refugees. I think we as a country, that includes a lot of Christian people, need to take the risk. And for sure there will be many safeguards along the way.

But I remember Jesus saying that when we did something good for the least in our world we are doing the same thing for him. Mysterious but true. He also told us that we need to take up a cross for his righteousness.

We are a country that for all it’s mistakes is a much needed help in this world. Let us continue to help, as we love the ‘least of these’.

I realize that writing this means to do something myself. May God give me the grace to follow Jesus into this unsafe world. And remember we do this not to ‘fix’ the world but to stand with Jesus in ministering to the homeless, the poor, and particularly these Syrian refugees. All to the glory of God.

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