Grace Matters Episode 8- Where Does it Hurt?

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Recently I listened to a podcast from Renovare which is a great ministry/organization concerning Spiritual Formation. The podcast was a conversation with author Philip Yancey led by Nathan Foster.


Yancey has written a new book titled Fearfully and Wonderfully: ‘The marvel of bearing God’s image’. In the book he makes the analogy between pain in the human body and pain in the Body of Christ, the church community. HIs writing comes after working many years with Dr. Paul Brand, the late surgeon specializing in treating Leprosy in India. Leprosy is an infectious disease within the skin and peripheral nerves leading to a disastrous consequence for those, who because of this illness, cannot feel pain.


Pain is important because it’s real and it signals that something is wrong with the body. It can be physical or emotional and can include such discomforting feelings such as anger, sadness, depression and much more.


Pain causes us to pay attention to our bodies. And for the Body of Christ, as the analogy goes, pain is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.


These days there seem to be a lot of division and hurt in the church over such issues as exclusivity and inclusivity, liberal and conservative, sexuality and doctrine. Rules, standards, grace and love are in conflict and people on all sides are hurting. I know this personally.


So let me continue the analogy by saying the church needs to know the pain is real and then go to the Great Physician who can diagnose the pain and help each of us to care for those in pain.


Jesus told his disciples that the signal of a healthy community is loving one another. He prayed for us to be one even as he and the Father are one.


We are all in some fashion broken, sick, or lost but within the community, the Body, we can recognize and address those circumstances that underlie the pain. We need to stop being against each other and instead be with and for one another. Let’s listen to each other out of love. Let’s bee attentive to the pain we often hide beneath a veneer of doctrinal faithfulness, social activism and success just to name a few methods of denial.


Read the way the Apostle Paul puts it in 1Corinthians 12.

‘If one part of the body suffers then every part suffers with it.’


Maybe the questions isn’t ‘what do you believe?’ Maybe a better question is the one we often have asked our children, “Where does it hurt”.

3 thoughts on “Grace Matters Episode 8- Where Does it Hurt?

  1. Pain is to pleasure as the Dark is to the LIGHT.


    If only, if only everyone knew HIM!


  2. Dear George,

    I can picture you at meetings, taking notes, and submitting them in the minutes, making us all laugh. Those meetings needed laughter as much as they needed prayer. This particular day, at this particular time, your message speaks to my heart.
    We are blessed with an interim who preaches the gospel without being political, praying that the Lord pours through her the gift of preaching. And the Lord is faithful and does this. We need to love one another, and listen when someone says “Ow!” Thank you for this. Peace, Linda

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