The band ‘Cream’ sang this in 1967, the year I graduated high school. Forget the lyrics for now. It’s the title I love. I am still a big fan of Eric Clapton.

Anyway, the title reminds me of some words of Jesus. We’ll get to those words but first I need to recall a couple scenes from the T.V. series FRASIER. My wife and I are watching it for the 4th time. Get a life, george. The scenes involve Frasier and his brother, Niles. In different scenes the brothers hold a door open for some woman who neglects to say, ‘thank you.’ It becomes a theme in the show about ungrateful people who don’t offer the thanks that is expected. 

I’ve done that. I stop my car so someone can cross the street apart from the crosswalk area. A little wave of acknowledgment? Nope. So then I decided to not expect any gratitude. That worked for a while and now I’m back to anticipating something that is probably not going to come.

So I’m thinking the other day about Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5:45 we read the words that ‘God makes his sun to shine on the evil and good’ and Jesus tells us to do the same thing for others, no matter their character.

God is showering the sunshine of his love on everyone without thinking about getting thanks in return. Oh, does God love our praise? Certainly. But his love takes no notice of those who don’t respond except to keep loving them and letting his sun shine on them. Some folks call that common grace. Let’s call it love, pure unconditional love, a love that does not keep score. And I for one am glad because if God kept score of my ‘bads’, God would be already in the ‘billions to nothing’ category.

Our God is loving. God is love, says the Bible. That’s his essence, his nature. He loves to love. That’s why you and I are here on this earth. To love. Like our Father in heaven, says Jesus.

Thanks be to God for those who want to live in that love, soaking up all that grace and seeing the difference in their lives if they do. Now that I am writing this, I’m gonna see what it’s like in real life.

God be with you.


  1. Thanks as always George. Here’s my latest rant.

    Me thinking again

    There is not enough room on this planet, this orbiting plot of real estate, to provide for immortality. Our physical time must be limited to allow for future generations. When the time comes that we leave our physical body and become spirit, the outside world as we knew it will remain with us in our new expanded form. Plenty of room for all souls and all things. An inversion. An outside-in world. Invisible and visible. Yes, you can take it with you.

    Our consciousness is really just what we experience, what we see through the window of our senses. What we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. What we love and don’t. We’re mostly unaware that we are looking out through this window from an internal space that’s as vast as the universe itself. It’s this much larger internal space that we need to be aware of and not get fooled into thinking that what we see through the window of our eyes and ego is all that matters. We should be aware constantly, if possible, of this and the source that makes it all possible. The invisible, infinite, eternal source that fuels the system that is us. The source that admitted us. The source that gave us form and individuality. The source that will reclaim us. The source that gives us the ability and privilege to experience this temporary and beautiful world. The beauty we see outside the window of our body. The beauty that we will take with us forever when the body is no longer. Our lives now are just a brief preview of what’s yet to come. Eternity. Relax. Enjoy. Rejoice!

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