A few weeks ago the City Water Authority where I live came to my home at my invitation. They came to inspect all my sprinklers to make sure they were efficient and they programmed the system that turns the water on and off at correct intervals for conservation and effectiveness. All this was done for free.

The whole experience was wonderful. What happened next was the best. I shared my experience with my neighbor. He was overjoyed because he was having problems with his own system. He made the call. Then I overheard him sharing the news with another neighbor and then another. The water folks are going to be busy in our neighborhood.

You could say that this was GOOD NEWS, a proclamation of what the City was doing for us. Now, here’s the thing. Let’s say my neighbor Phil listened to their recommendations, read their follow-up email….  and did nothing; told no one. Ah, but that’s not how it works.

It got me to thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if we shared the Good News of what God is doing for us with those around us? I could sound something like, ‘Guess what God is doing in my life?’ ‘Can I pray for you?’  ‘Hey, if things are going so wrong let me share where I have found some help.’ An understated, subtle comment is often more effective than a forceful evangelical approach. Heck, you could even write a little blog on the Good News. And if you are reading this and not a person of faith, then invite God into your life perhaps not knowing what to expect at first. You can discover who God is by reading one of the Gospels in the beginning of the New Testament. Listen, I never knew that the City provided their service until I read about it on a neighborhood website.

The second thing I thought about was how sometimes we receive the Good News about God and do nothing with it. God is always about reconciliation, reform, renewal and I am sure a whole lot of other ‘r’ words. The Good News is about changing the world for good by God’s grace. Grace changes everything: the way you see yourself, the way you see others and best of all the way you see God through his Son Jesus, the Messiah. God coming into our lives as Good News changes the earth… not the way we care for just our lawns but all of creation. The Good News changes the ethic, the worldview by which we live.

Now I would have loved the water authority folks to stay with me and help me day to day cause something always is going wrong with my sprinklers, but of course they can’t.. But the Good News of God is that God stays with us to repair and renew everything in our lives. Oh, sometimes the system of this world might not be able to be repaired at the moment, but the Good News is that something good can come from the brokenness.

So make the call, accept the invitation and live into the change that the Good News of God can make. A change not just in you not but also in this world that God loves so much.

I welcome your thoughts.


  1. Amen and Amen.

    Sadly, western culture has become all about “now”.  We have learned to have more faith in the promises of guaranteed 2 day package delivery than in the Creator of the universe.  Our excitement about the water authority websisite would soon fade if nobody showed up at our door, or at least, responded within a few weeks. 

    Seeing is believing for most.  And in our current culture, some folks might even see the water authority truck and believe that the repair men are actually spies from the city to see if you have any code violations on your property.  The ultimate GOOD NEWS requires believing without seeing.  I think that this is the hard part.  Especially when the GOOD NEWS “website” was last updated a couple thousand years ago.

    “But to what shall I compare this generation?”

    In any event, sharing of the news should, and will continue in whatever way God intended.
    And… Thank YOU for continuing to share for so many years.

    ….The Apprentice     

  2. Such a great analogy! You always gave the BEST sermons. You made a point, gave a true to life example that people could connect with, and then circled around to remind folks of your original point.
    Just recently, I had asked God: if “this” is supposed to happen, don’t let anything stand in the way, BUT, if it is not supposed to happen create many things to stop me. Well, God must’ve worked overtime creating reasons for me not to go forward with my plan. And, I shared that over and over again to many friends to show how God works in my life.

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