New Book Recommendation

I want to recommend a book by N.T. Wright, New Testament Professor at St. Andrews in Scotland.  The book title is ‘Simply Jesus.’

I have just finished it and found myself absorbed in a book that puts the life of Jesus right in front of us.  Jesus is in the context of his world and using a wonderful analogy of the event that took place in the Northeast in 1991, The Perfect Storm, Wright helps us to understand the events then and now that have confused our understanding of Jesus.

The author writes about the three storms that converged in the Middle East at the time of Jesus and how Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of God.  This book is a wonderful way to step away from our various denominations and discover perhaps for the first time Jesus and God’s purpose for his Son and for us.  Reading this book makes me really believe that we live right now in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus established it at his entrance into the world and particularly as he entered Jerusalem.

Next I am going to read Wright’s newest book called How God Became King.

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