Bite Your Tongue

Self Control

In Galatians 5:23 the Apostle Paul writes that part of the fruit (result) of the spirit of God working in us is ‘self-control’.  That word in the original language means ‘self- government’ a fitting description of watching carefully over ourselves.

Here’s the thing.  This self control which is necessary in all of life as a certain kind of temperance, moderation if you will, means that you and I literally can control our own self’s desires and actions toward a desirable end.

But it does not happen automatically when we decide to follow Jesus. It is a skill developed in us by the grace of God. It comes through disciplines, self disciplines if you like.

Philosopher and author Dallas Willard was fond of saying that we do the things we can do in order to do the things we cannot do. That means for example if you want to be a guitar virtuoso you would start out by learning the scale perhaps or how to strum the strings and then build up towards being proficient at the instrument. The fact that you have a brain and natural abilities will assist you to become skilled.

Well, in somewhat the same manner God places his life within us and then instructs us to access that life through disciplines such as prayer, learning scripture, doing particular actions until we begin to experience, in this case self-control. By the grace of God it becomes second nature.

Self-control is wonderful for the tongue, the temper, or any addictive behavior.  Maybe at first we will have to ‘bite our tongues’ in conversations.  Maybe if we are married and we are too attracted to a member of the opposite sex as in lusting, we will look elsewhere or be mindful of that wonderful Bible verse ‘I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully’ (Job 31). Maybe the way we begin to govern ourselves is to govern our time with God and with others.  We could bring to our remembrance Jesus words, ‘do not judge’ as a way towards self-governance. All of this we do not with the intention to be more righteous but to develop a heart that is more given to the life that Jesus would have for us, a heart and thus a life that is helpful for citizens of the Kingdom. Such citizens are more joyful, peaceful, loving and aware of God’s life in them.

Self-control is a virtue of the character of one who is learning Jesus.

Virtue, virtuous, virtuoso. Voila.


One thought on “Bite Your Tongue

  1. Thanks for sharing George.

    I agree with the concept of “self government”. In fact, I concluded many years ago that much of society (at least in the US) has it all backwards. We tend to look toward federal government as the highest form. Then state, then county, then town, then village. This becomes apparent during elections. There is much more excitement and voter turnout during a presidential election. In fact it assumes a “super bowl” aura. And very many individuals and families have come to expect and rely on “government” to be responsible for their quality of life. But the problem is that many of these very many fail to see themselves or the family unit as a level of government also. And even if they did, the would likely view it as the lowest level.

    We have it upside down. The most critical level of government is the self. Then comes the family unit which is equally critical. Then local community and then on upward (downward) all the way up (down) to the White House. The larger, the more diluted. The smaller, the more potent.

    Now then, once we understand that “self governance” is the most important level, then we must go a few steps further and realize and accept that faith and spirituality (not the ego) are critically necessary for us to govern ourselves. Then, If all of mankind approached life from this perspective and accepted Christ as there teacher and savior, the world would no longer have to tolerate any of the senselessness generated by man. We would/could then focus 100 percent of our energy on love.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Larry Faraone

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