“Faith is believing something you know ain’t true.”- Mark Twain

Three mighty big words in that quote; faith, belief, true. A lot of folk think that the first two belong to the realm of the unreasonable while truth is what science and materialism and the real world is all about.

I like what the late Dallas Willard writes in his book Knowing Christ Today. He uses the illustration of how science taught us how to kill crop pests by using DDT. And what we eventually learned was that it killed all kinds of wild life too. He then goes on to write that ‘scientific knowledge’ will not solve practical problems in life. It takes knowledge plus wisdom of HOW to live. “The best physical, chemical, and other scientific knowledge will not tell us what to do or who to be.”

Religion answers the question of how and who. There is a knowledge beyond but may include science. There is a knowledge given by God to those who will listen. We call that knowledge ‘faith’. Faith is trusting that what God has said and what Jesus said and did are true and that they inform all life.

Woe to humanity that would toss religion out because of the mistakes religious people have made. Better it would be to correct those mistakes with a sincere faith that is informed by knowledge.

Let me give an example that is all too real in our world today. And in doing so I am aware that there who those who agonize over choices they must make.

We as a nation allow and, it would seem through some recent investigation, even promote the taking of human life. Science has taught us the procedures for abortion but science has not taught us the God given sanctity of all human life. Abortion is a realm that needs more than materialistic, scientific or even enlightened thought. This is a realm of life that needs to be informed (given information) by the religious meaning of ‘life’, in all its forms.

If there is no God, and we are but atoms, electrons, molecules and such, then the practical answer to an inconvenient life is what is approved today according to the desires of society. But if there is a higher truth, a more informed truth, a truth that governs this creation we need to discover that truth by all means possible. For such truth will tell us who we are, and how we are to live on this planet in the best possible way.

If there is a way to investigate the reality of God then we as an enlightened people ought to do our best to discover a knowledge that might just best arrive in the form of faith. And that is as true of religious people who have ‘used’ faith to rationalize some terrible behavior. We can all ‘learn’.

Faith, real faith, is an informed confidence in Christ from whom we learn ‘truth’ and not blind irrationality.

2 thoughts on ““Faith is believing something you know ain’t true.”- Mark Twain

  1. “Faith, real faith, is an informed confidence in Christ from whom we learn ‘truth’ and not blind irrationality.”

    Merely an assertion without evidence (outside of the claims themselves). Faith is a circular, self-justifying delusion (as far as the evidence goes). You have been given no rational reason to think that it’s anything other than wishful thinking. The DESIRE for faith to be real keeps this outdated concept alive.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am pretty certain that believing something doesn’t make it real.
      If i decide to take a walk on the lake in winter, my believing it will hold me will not make it so. It will take evidence or the experience of others to convince me of such. I think faith is like that. It is solid and it is true because of the evidence, the history and i expect, by personal experience.
      I believe that Jesus is true. Certainly i was taught that truth in younger years as any person might be taught another world view that says, for example, that there is no god. But my search for understanding that the foundation is solid has led me to discover the truth in who Jesus is and that what he has taught is true. Help me a bit though. When you say i have given no rational reason. Do you mean there IS no rational reason or it’s just my own deficiency in not explaining it sufficiently? Because I am open to learning more.

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