I am a Conservative, theologically, in that I believe in a sound Biblical, Christ- centered reading of Scripture, one that informs life within the church and within society. I am pro life, for life, for the flourishing of life by all means possible since life comes to us through Christ and in the image of God.

So here’s what I don’t understand. How can Conservatives say that they are ‘pro life’ and deny a woman’s right to choose what happens to and within her own body to save to life of a child that is to be born, and then in the same discussion NOT be willing to somehow deny the right to GUNS in order that little children as well as adults might have life along with their families and the society that would benefit from their lives.

Please don’t tell me it has to do with some obscure reference to ‘swords’ that Jesus makes when you can readily assess the heart and mind of Jesus with regards to peace and violence and ‘enemies’. Is it because we good capitalists don’t want to destroy the arms industry? Are we as conservative Christians so callous to life and so conformed to the world that we are so afraid of giving up guns rights to save more lives?

Help me out here. How can I defend the little child’s right to life within the womb when some of my brothers and sisters aren’t willing to TRY to save the lives of children in the school, on the streets, and in their homes and when they grow up?

This is a decision of THE CHURCH and not just an individual opinion based on a misinformed conscience. This is an opportunity for the church to speak a prophetic word to the church and say, in ‘Christ’s name, STOP.’

Don’t blame the criminals. They are only doing what they know to do. Blame the good people for doing nothing.

Mrs. Clinton’s Modern World

“Now extreme views about women? We expect that from some terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world,’’ Clinton stated. “But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States, yet they espouse out-of-date and out-of-touch policies.

Hilary Clinton made these remarks about the Republican presidential candidates. ‘Modern world’. Hmmm. I want to live in the modern world but my sense of modern considers a different ‘reality’ from Mrs. Clinton’s. The modern world in which I live is the world of the Kingdom of God as revealed in the Scriptures. It is a world where every life matters to God who created these lives even as difficult a situation as some may find themselves in. Even though Mrs. Clinton accuses some candidates of being so wrong about not choosing abortion in cases of rape or incest I doubt that this ‘would be’ President is interested at all in protecting the lives of all the unborn in most any situation. I am not sure what kind of ‘modern’ world Mrs. Clinton envisions but it seems to be one that does not include babies within the womb.

I am not in favor of criminalizing abortion. But I believe that in the Kingdom of God modern world we as intelligent people should be doing everything possible to help families NOT to have to choose abortion. It is a barbaric Dark Age world where abortion is used as a tool of convenience for choices people make in their lives. And I am personally aware of one situation where a young woman who was raped and still carried her child to term. She did this with the help of many loving people. And her little girl has a good life.

The Kingdom of God is about living a ‘good’ life, something the people of God need to encourage even in the hardest situations. We live by the Book that says God works all things to good for those who are in love with God and I suspect for lots of people who don’t even trust God.

Calling Republicans ‘terrorists’? Well, I guess that goes with the political territory. That’s modern world language for you. And it is most likely fodder for the news cattle.

I am sure that much of what I believe would be considered by Mrs. Clinton as ‘out of touch’. Out of touch with what, I don’t know. But I am more concerned to be ‘in touch’ with the reality of God’s kingdom. I want to search out God in all these matters and I want to do God’s will as best I can discern it. I’m not sure I will find it in all this political ballyhooing, but hey, you never know where God’s graceful presence may surprise us.

“Faith is believing something you know ain’t true.”- Mark Twain

Three mighty big words in that quote; faith, belief, true. A lot of folk think that the first two belong to the realm of the unreasonable while truth is what science and materialism and the real world is all about.

I like what the late Dallas Willard writes in his book Knowing Christ Today. He uses the illustration of how science taught us how to kill crop pests by using DDT. And what we eventually learned was that it killed all kinds of wild life too. He then goes on to write that ‘scientific knowledge’ will not solve practical problems in life. It takes knowledge plus wisdom of HOW to live. “The best physical, chemical, and other scientific knowledge will not tell us what to do or who to be.”

Religion answers the question of how and who. There is a knowledge beyond but may include science. There is a knowledge given by God to those who will listen. We call that knowledge ‘faith’. Faith is trusting that what God has said and what Jesus said and did are true and that they inform all life.

Woe to humanity that would toss religion out because of the mistakes religious people have made. Better it would be to correct those mistakes with a sincere faith that is informed by knowledge.

Let me give an example that is all too real in our world today. And in doing so I am aware that there who those who agonize over choices they must make.

We as a nation allow and, it would seem through some recent investigation, even promote the taking of human life. Science has taught us the procedures for abortion but science has not taught us the God given sanctity of all human life. Abortion is a realm that needs more than materialistic, scientific or even enlightened thought. This is a realm of life that needs to be informed (given information) by the religious meaning of ‘life’, in all its forms.

If there is no God, and we are but atoms, electrons, molecules and such, then the practical answer to an inconvenient life is what is approved today according to the desires of society. But if there is a higher truth, a more informed truth, a truth that governs this creation we need to discover that truth by all means possible. For such truth will tell us who we are, and how we are to live on this planet in the best possible way.

If there is a way to investigate the reality of God then we as an enlightened people ought to do our best to discover a knowledge that might just best arrive in the form of faith. And that is as true of religious people who have ‘used’ faith to rationalize some terrible behavior. We can all ‘learn’.

Faith, real faith, is an informed confidence in Christ from whom we learn ‘truth’ and not blind irrationality.