I am a Conservative, theologically, in that I believe in a sound Biblical, Christ- centered reading of Scripture, one that informs life within the church and within society. I am pro life, for life, for the flourishing of life by all means possible since life comes to us through Christ and in the image of God.

So here’s what I don’t understand. How can Conservatives say that they are ‘pro life’ and deny a woman’s right to choose what happens to and within her own body to save to life of a child that is to be born, and then in the same discussion NOT be willing to somehow deny the right to GUNS in order that little children as well as adults might have life along with their families and the society that would benefit from their lives.

Please don’t tell me it has to do with some obscure reference to ‘swords’ that Jesus makes when you can readily assess the heart and mind of Jesus with regards to peace and violence and ‘enemies’. Is it because we good capitalists don’t want to destroy the arms industry? Are we as conservative Christians so callous to life and so conformed to the world that we are so afraid of giving up guns rights to save more lives?

Help me out here. How can I defend the little child’s right to life within the womb when some of my brothers and sisters aren’t willing to TRY to save the lives of children in the school, on the streets, and in their homes and when they grow up?

This is a decision of THE CHURCH and not just an individual opinion based on a misinformed conscience. This is an opportunity for the church to speak a prophetic word to the church and say, in ‘Christ’s name, STOP.’

Don’t blame the criminals. They are only doing what they know to do. Blame the good people for doing nothing.


  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN! Praying for those families devastated by yesterday’s slaughter. Gruesome.

    Sent from my iPhone God’s Blessings, Brenda


  2. Thank you Pastor George.Again you have set to words that which has been needed to be said for a long time. The need to protect life at all ages from conception to death .I do not totally understand the disconnect .May his Peace be with you and yours now and forever.


  3. So, here I am responding for only the second time to one of your emails, my friend. I consider myself “Whole Life”… who wants to protect the life of the yet-born, and as you, want to also work on protecting all once they are born. Whether it is caring for the homeless, feeding the hungry, reaching out to youth group kids (wishing I could reach more) to let them know they belong and are loved by Jesus; I too seek justice and action to protect all of life. I believe I may be in a minority in my church (most people are surprised to learn I lean more towards Independent/Democrat, yet I am an evangelical follower of Jesus.) But that’s OK with me. I’ll keep following, as best I can, the heart of Jesus as He leads me. I don’t think the Pro-Life platform goes far enough. That is why I call myself “Whole Life”. Or, better yet: a person saved by Grace.
    Caren :}

  4. Great to hear from you, Caren and I am in agreement. Fiscally I stand more on the side of the democrats. I am pretty liberal when it comes to giving away money and helping the ‘least of these’ as Jesus said.

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