Disappointment means that you and I haven’t met God’s expectations. We have let God down. Not so. Jesus is the Word of God who tells us we are loved unconditionally and that God doesn’t have expectations of us. Only anticipations of what we are becoming. Recall Paul writing to the Philippians that God who began a good work in us through Christ will bring it to completion. Recall that love never keeps a record of our wrongs.

I remember being on retreat in a desert community where we took a lot of time to be silent in the presence of God. During that time, in my spirit, I heard God say to me, ‘George, you are my little boy and I love you just the way you are.’ I have to bring that to mind often because there is so much that happens on my journey of faith that might make me disappointed in myself but if God isn’t disappointed in me then I certainly have to let go of any self-doubt about who and whose I am.

When God’s grace grips me in my realization of how much I am loved, I can then extend that love to others.

God loves us where we are and then anticipates where we will be by God’s grace at work in our lives.

And think about this: if God isn’t disappointed in us, we don’t have to be disappointed in others who don’t meet our expectations.

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