A year ago we adopted a beautiful 40-pound rescue dog that had been abused. After three trainers and the cost of my first year in college, we are on the road to a mostly well-trained 4-year-old that lives with our 16-year-old Lucy. The new one is named Rhys, after the Phillies’ first baseman. And besides, I like one-syllable names to more easily call her.

The one thing we sometimes have difficulty with is Rhy’s desire to get to other dogs behind fences when we are walking her.

Then one day I heard an owner say to his dog, ‘Leave it” and the dog obeyed. So I thought I would try the same with Rhys and sure enough, she obeyed. Maybe it’s a universal command or she had learned it in her first home.

I began to think that it’s not a bad command or invitation for humans.  Seems we get ourselves involved in too many things or in places and relationships that we need to stay away from. It’s kinda like ‘Be still and know that I am God.” (from Psalm 46)

Certainly, Jesus left certain situations to go off by himself to pray and rest. And he invited his disciples to come with him to rest. (See Mark 6:31)

So where are you too involved? What are the situations and who are the people that you find it difficult to say ‘no’ to? 

One piece of advice for all of us.


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